What Makes Lighthouse Family Dentistry Special and Unique?

What makes Lighthouse Family Dentistry special and unique among other Monterey dentists? A lot of our patients say they love our garden, and it helps add to the relaxing atmosphere of our dental practice.

But here are three additional ways Dr. Patricia Van Kooten and her team stand out in the dental field:

  1. We take pride in providing a relaxing and calming dental office experience for our patients. You can see our desire to soothe our patients, from the moment you enter the door to the time you leave. We offer blankets to cover you if you’re feeling cold. We have peaceful gardens in both our front and back yards. The interior of our office is a soothing space. You can’t help but feel more calm and relaxed when you’re having a dental procedure here at Lighthouse Family Dentistry.
  2. We embrace the latest in dental technology. From digital x-rays taking crystal clear images of your teeth, to laser technology that eliminates canker sores, cold sores, and helps to heal gums, Lighthouse Family Dentistry is no stranger to advanced dental technology. Just like computers and smartphones, we cannot work as efficiently and quickly without our cutting-edge dental technology. Our patients notice that the energy in our office is calm, partly because our drills are quieter and do not resonate at a higher pitch. Plus, our dental tools are ergonomically friendly and fit comfortably in the mouth. No doubt about it, technology is a friend in our dental office.
  3. Dr. Van Kooten has a gentle and soothing personality, and she is a “conservative perfectionist” when it comes to her patients’ teeth. She holds many certifications in dental treatments, and that means she is “conservative” in the idea of helping her patients keep their natural teeth healthy for as long as possible before removal. Her “perfectionism” and attention to small details makes her a great dentist. When it comes to smile makeovers and a variety of dental treatments, including tooth implants, teeth whitening, teeth cleaning, and crown replacement, you can count on Lighthouse Family Dentistry to take great care of you and your teeth.

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